Khenri is about family, community and celebrating your personality. We offer a wide variety of services from fashion, paintings to home decor. We aim to create unique pieces that allow you to celebrate who you are as an individual and as a community.

Khenri was born in 2009 by creator Keelia Paulsen. It started as a way to express your likes and celebrate personalities by wearing art on your feet. From there it grew… to accessories, paintings, home decor and design. The main idea is to get women (and men) to enjoy life through art and fashion, in their every day lives.

CEO/Creative Director
405232_567393747211_1855808073_nPaulsen grew up in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. She attended Grand View University to play soccer and basketball, while majoring in graphic design and taking courses about philosophy.

Paulsen is the mother to daughter, Henrietta (whom the company was named for). She has a love for fashion, fine dining and culture and can be found having dinner at her favorite French restaurant or going for hikes or sitting in bookstores.










Khenri has several facets to the company with the mindset of creating custom pieces that you won’t be able to get at a department store.

Currently, you may view Paulsen’s painted series Latin Beat at Ceviche. Ceviche is located in the East Village of Des Moines at 223 East Walnut. The series is for sale and the pieces range from flamenco dancers to cigars. It’s a celebration of the Cuban culture and the vibrant pieces will give you a welcoming and energetic feel. (If you are interested in your own series of artwork, please contact Paulsen to discuss, as she would be happy to bring your love of whatever it may be to your walls too!)

Paulsen, will work with you to design a custom-designed and one-of-a-kind hand-painted piece. Although you can order a design similar to something else you’ve seen done, no two pairs will ever be the same.

But Khenri can guarantee you this – each item you order has all the love of the designer within it. This means you’ll get the best work.

Order time typically takes 2-3 weeks at max and ranges in pricing, depending on your needs. Clients are more than welcome to send in their shoes to be restyled and can always request that the designer shops for items specifically geared towards his/her needs.

As graphic design really inspired Khenri’s inception, we now offer that service publicly as well. Most design is geared towards parties and weddings, but I have also worked with many restaurants and corporations across the United States for their business needs.

Etsy is the place to see some of my wedding designs that are for sale. I welcome your custom designs happily, so feel free to contact me if you would like to design your own pieces.  Pricing for wedding designs is pretty standard, inexpensive and the process goes smoothly!