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Speakeasy Update

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If you are following along with my birthday party updates, great!

2 more weekends and it will be here! Hooray!

Here are the tips for what to wear if you’re a man… This time period is my absolute favorite as far as fashion goes, especially for the men.
I wish more men would dress up like this now! One can wish..

Speakeasy-menswear Speakeasy-menswear2 Speakeasy-menswear3 Speakeasy-menswear4

And for the ladies..

flapper, 1920s, speakeasy, prohibition fashion Flapper-Definition2 Flapper-Definition3 Flapper-Definition4 SpeakeasyHair and Makeup SpeakeasyHair and Makeup2

The location is still a secret.. but will be revealed soon!

My Speakeasy Soiree

My Speakeasy Soiree

If you aren’t familiar.. I love parties. I love themes. And I kinda love my birthday.

This is the fifth year that I will be organizing a themed birthday party. The themes have varied. The first one is by far my most favorite. It was an Old Hollywood style party, where the guests wore tuxedos and gowns. We had a red carpet and old film strips were on the tables as centerpieces along with pearls and red roses. I will never forget that party.

The second year I took it down a notch.. like 500 notches and I had a Snapbacks and Tattoos party. We wore our most “ghetto” outfits, with snapback hats and painted on tattoos. Less glamorous, but it was still fun.

Third year was a Runway party. Guests received little grab bags of all things a model would need and I had model passes made for guests to wear.

Last year was one of my big numerical birthdays, so I partnered with a local venue and we opened it up to the public. It was a Miami Vice style party. Bright colors, flamingos and sunglasses made this party fun too!

And now we come to the fifth annual party… Admittedly I was having a difficult time deciding. I wanted it to be a little special, as it is the fifth one (ooh, a milestone!). I start the planning process at least 7 months in advance, so the parties are very thought out.

Now I get to unveil this year’s theme! A SPEAKEASY SOIREE! I’ll be sharing everything with you, as you know if you’re in the Des Moines area, you are more than welcome to join in the festivities! If you aren’t, then I want you to be able to enjoy it from afar!

Here’s the invitation:

speakeasy, 1920sI love the 1920s era and I thought that it would be fitting to do this for the special 5th anniversary! I had a lot of fun designing the invitation and drawing the lady for it too.

These parties also require some research. I have lots of books on this era and enjoy history and researching, so this is more fun for me than anything. Speakeasies were often in a hidden location and they required a password to enter. So that’s what I’ll be doing – there is a secret location and a password for entry. (I mean if you show up you’ll still get into the party, but the password makes it more fun and authentic)

Throughout the time leading up to the party date (my birthday is the 17th of September, so this year it will be super close to it!),  I will be releasing style tips of how to dress and also other things… such as the House Rules:

speakeasy house rules, 1920sThis is like the house rules for Al Capone’s juice joints. Don’t you love the slang?

Also I have some VIP guests attending.. so here are some profiles on those…

I will continue to update you on all the fun things for my party. Hope you enjoy and also that you get to learn a couple new things!







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Baseball Weddings!

Hi, friends!

I’m super excited about wedding season. And I am here to help make all of your bridal dreams come true. Right now I want to highlight some baseball stationery that would be amazing to have for your wedding.

First we have a chic baseball invitations. I super love these.
These are easy to order. Click here and you will find more details on them.



And then there is a throwback version. These can all be converted to bridal shower invitations or birthday parties. All you need to do is ask me! You know I love a great party and I won’t be getting in your way while you make yours the best!



I also have these available and they can be customized for your favorite team. Let me know if you want to see examples of that.Baseball-Invites-4x6

And another one of my favorites, the baseball ticket. This one is great because you can change that side panel to have any extra information you need, such as accommodations or where you’re registered.


Once your guests have arrived at your wedding, you want to really wow them while they are witnessing you saying your vows. What better way to do that than with some killer wedding programs??


These Opening Day programs might be my favorite at the moment. Your only personalized Opening Day logo. Because it is the Opening Day of the rest of your lives together. You’re joining dugouts! And a monogrammed MLB logo just for you on the back!


This one is super cool too.. I will customize it for your team and even match the colors in the wedding dresses and bowties. Sure to the talk of the wedding (after your dress, of course!).

If you see anything that you would like to order, please don’t hesitate to fill out a form on my contact page and I would be more than happy to help you! YAY BASEBALL WEDDINGS!!!

Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

As wedding season is close to beginning, I decided to do a sample Khenri Bridal shoe to share with you all. So if you happened to miss it via Facebook, here is a little sneak peek of the process and the grand finale of the finished shoe.

If you are a bride and wanting to get custom bridal shoes by Khenri, here is a look into that process.

First I discuss with the bride the details of her wedding day and what direction she wants to take her footwear. Some brides like to match the dress. And some like to show their personality. I think both options are fun and exciting.

After the bride and I have discussed some of the details, I will get to work. The bride can provide a shoe that she likes or I can shop for her.

I decided to go with this gorgeous silhouette for my sample shoe. I love peep toes and I loved the length of the heel.


Usually I have a plan to follow or a sketch. But in this case since it was a sample shoe and will end up belonging to me, I decided to just let me imagination go. I am really into those romantic cream and pink colors right now. I added my cream color to the shoe and blush bottoms to add a hint of romanticism.

Then I look for the trimmings. I hand-pick everything when I work with designing a shoe, so this process is special to me and you’ll always get the best. I love going and choosing the fabrics and lace to go with the shoe or the occasion. Because do not forget that you don’t have to be a bride in order to wear something fancy like this!

Then I sit in my studio and I think about all the combinations and what I think would look nice. Things usually turn into a mess because I have bits of ribbon and crystals and feathers everywhere. That’s just how it works!

I finally decided on the perfect fairy tale shoe… and here she is.

custom bridal shoe, khenri bridal, wedding shoes

It’s hard to capture by photograph just how remarkable this is. But the color combinations really make it an outstanding piece. I used the white lace against the antique cream color to add more dimension. There are 2 different variations of Swarovski crystals (the only kind of crystals I will use for my shoes); one is a larger multi-colored crystal. I used this one because I wanted it to pick up hints of color to match the bottoms of the shoes. The other is a very tiny clear crystal that I used for added detail.

khenri bridal, custom bride, custom bridal shoes, fashion, heels

khenri bridal shoes, fashion, highend bride, khenri, wedding heels

keelia paulsen, khenri, khenri bridal shoes, custom bridal heels, custom shoes 10428122_10153128245119042_2308941109927189817_n

These will no be on display in my bedroom, until I decide to wear them out to dinner. Because you should always treat yourself every now and again.

If you are interested in getting your own pair of custom bridal shoes, please fill out the contact form. I would love to talk to you about making your wedding shoes an absolute dream.

If you’re interested in getting custom shoes, of any design, fill out that contact form too! I love helping make your dreams come to a reality.

Your feet deserve to be as happy as you. xo

Interview Series 2015: Kim of Fleur de lis Designs

Interview Series 2015: Kim of Fleur de lis Designs

The next artist in our series is Kimberly Schellert, of Fleur de lis Designs. She embroiders personalized monograms on just about anything. And does oh so much more. Connect with her on Facebook or her website.

unnamedKH: Give us a little bio/description/background of yourself.

My name is Kimberly Schellert and I was born and raised in South Louisiana. I have lived there all my life until almost 3 years ago I moved to Metro Atlanta. I am all cajun and miss the Cajun heritage and culture. I am a wife to my soul mate and a mother to two kids. Kamryn age 9 and Peyton age 3.

KH: How did you get started with your business?
I have a passion for art and got a degree in Graphic Communications/Desktop Publishing. I bought my first embroidery machine 7 years ago to do monograms for my daughter only and then friends kept asking for things and then their friends until it became not only a hobby but a business. I love sharing my crafts with others so they can enjoy them.

KH: I love all of your monogrammed stuff! How can we order and what can we have monogrammed?
I will monogram any thing under the moon. All my products can be bought on my Facebook page and I am currently working on putting them on my website.

KH: Here is one of my personal favorites. It’s an adorable headband! She can also do other teams as well. 


KH: What are your grocery store go-to items?
Chocolate peanut butter and bananas have to be in my house at all times. Sometimes I will even put them on each other.

KH: What’s some good advice you have for young people today?
Follow your dreams. Nothing is unreachable as long as you reach for the stars and don’t let anyone stand in your way of achieving your goal.

KH: What inspires you to create? Do you listen to music while making things? What kind?
When I lay in bed my creative juices start flowing. I have visions of new things to create. No wonder I am always tired in the mornings.

KH: I know that you also are a baseball fan. What are you most excited about when baseball starts?
Baseball is my all time favorite sport. I love being outside and cheering on my favorite teams. Nothing like spending all weekend at your favorite field. My second home.

KH: What should we look out for from you in 2015? I know you’ve done wreaths and towels and so much more!
I will creating new shirts with Disney themes and more sports shirts, but I am happy to do any custom order you can dream up too.

KH: What is one of your favorite pieces you’ve done?
My all time favorite has to be my a painting of flour de lis’ I created it when my husband was working down in new Orleans and we were staying next to the French Quarter. I call it Fleur de lis Explosion. This painting can be recreated again and each one will always be one of a kind.


KH: And how can we connect with you on facebook? 🙂
I can always be reached here on Facebook or on my website at

*If you would like to be featured in the Interview Series please e-mail me at 

Printable Baseball Items

Printable Baseball Items

Baseball season is getting closer… And I just cannot wait to hear the sound of the ball hitting the bat and then the ball slugging itself into a glove. To feel the warm sunshine on my face. To put my feet up on the seat in front of me when the people in front of me go to get more popcorn and hot dogs. Man, I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to quench my baseball thirst by designing Valentine’s Day cards and wedding invitations and baby announcements – all in baseball theme. So I wanted to share them with you. I have posted them into my Etsy store.

How’s this work? You choose the design you like and I will design it and send you the file so that you can print it at home or wherever you’d like. If you need help printing, then I can give you some quotes and print it for you.

Valentine’s Day Cards (super love these and if you have purchased something from me recently then you may receive one!)


There are like 4 different sayings in total. If you would like to personalize them with your child’s name or whatever, it’s just an additional $5.

Valentine’s Day Card saying. I can send this the way it is or send it so that it is a folding card. You can also ask to have it in another size.
I will customize it for you too for an additional $5.

Wedding Invitations! Oh yes! I can color coordinate to match your favorite team.
I can do a couple of other styles for baseball invites too. Just email me or message me on facebook! RSVPs can come with these, even though it’s not listed.

And then there’s the baby shower invites.
I can adjust it to match the team of your choice.

ooh annnd I don’t have this one listed yet, but soon! And I wish this was for real.
I can plug in you and your honey, create a custom logo for the two of you and put in your bridal party info (just like if I were to marry Waino, I decided who would be his groomsmen but I bet Luke Bryan would be on that list..right?)

I would love to help make your event or wedding just perfect in all areas!

Until next time,


Interview Series: Beth’s Story

Beth is a faithful Khenri client from the East Coast and one day we were chatting and exchanged some personal stories. I was so moved by Beth’s story that I asked if she would be comfortable sharing it to all of you. Beth has a beautiful heart and is a huge inspiration and a walking testament that we all serve a purpose even when we feel we don’t, that our lives are valuable and that we can inspire others through the dark times we’ve experienced. I hope this brings you hope, encouragement and inspiration. (Also you may need tissues.) 

Beth’s Story 

I remember the first time a doctor said something about my weight.  I was getting my 6th grade physical and the doctor looked at me and said, “I see you are taking after your mother!”

Thus began a 35+ year struggle with weight and subsequently severe depression.  I have dieted so many times I have lost track.  And I have lost so much weight over and over again.  I was a major yo-yo’er!

It wasn’t until I had children that my weight became a severe issue.  I hate to use this word to describe myself, but I became obese.  I am 5’3” and my weight hit 258 pounds and stayed there for years.

Before, I talk about the reason Keelia asked me to share my story, let me talk about the severe depression that I mentioned.  When I say severe depression, I mean severe depression.  I’m not talking about “I am so depressed because my hair looks horrible today” depression.  I am talking about suicidal depression.

At the end of December, 2004 I should have died.   I was at work, something happened and I decided that my family would be better off without me because all I did was screw things up.  At lunch, I left my office with a box cutter, a tablet and a picture of my kids.  I locked myself in my car, wrote three letters, propped my kids’ picture in front of me and started cutting my wrists, elbows and neck.   Two hours later my boss saw me and while she went to get help, I drove away.  I spent the next nine hours in a Lowe’s parking lot, digging at the cuts, passing out, coming to and digging at the cuts again.  It was a Lowe’s employee that checked my car at 11:00pm and called 911.

My husband had been searching for me and all of the local authorities were looking for me, so when they found me, they knew who I was.
At the emergency room, the nurse told my husband that she had never seen such a serious suicide attempt that survived.  I should have died!!

For the next five years, I continued to struggle with depression, suicide attempts, and hospitalizations.  And all along my weight played a big part in how much I hated myself.

In the latter half of 2011, several things happened that began setting in motion my journey to health and fitness.

•  That fall, my mom who was overweight, diabetic, had heart disease, arthritis and a host of other ailments developed sores on her
toes and legs.  I became her “visiting nurse” and would go daily to take care of the wounds.  As I watched her get out of breath
walking down the hall, struggle to get on her bed, wince with pain from the sores and worry about possibly losing her toes, I
suddenly realized that I was looking in a futuristic mirror.  That was going to be me if I didn’t do something about my weight
•  Then in November, I found out that I would be starting a new job in January.  As was typical of me, I decided that I would start a
diet and exercise plan when I started the new job.
•  On December 14th, my mom died unexpectedly from a massive stroke.


When I started my new job on January 2nd, the last thing I was thinking about was dieting or exercising.  It was all I could do to work.

Why is this important?  I have also been an “all or nothing”, “black and white” type person.  And this is one reason why all those previous diet attempts had failed!  In the past, as soon as I skipped a workout or ate a piece of cake, I threw in the towel.  If I had kept with my plan to start a diet and exercise plan on January 2nd with the new job I probably would have failed because of this mentality.

In mid-January, an email came around from the Wellness Committee announcing their walking challenge that would begin in February.  I signed up immediately even though I didn’t have a team.

On January 30, 2012, I started wearing a pedometer (which I still wear every day!) and writing down everything I ate.  I tried to make better food choices and cut back on soda.  I didn’t follow a set plan; I just made it my goal to try to eat better and to drink more water.

And my weight started to drop.  The more I walked, the more weight I lost and the better I felt.

On June 27, 2012, while walking, I decided to try to run from one intersection to the next (0.3 miles) and I made it!  Six months before that I couldn’t even walk up a flight of steps without getting out of breath!  I came home and excitedly told my husband that I had run.  His response, “That’s great!  Are you going to keep running?”  Oh!!  I hadn’t thought about that.  But I did keep running.  And the weight continued to fall off.

On October 6, 2012, my 46th birthday, I ran my very first 5K!  I ran the whole thing and my husband met me at the finish line with tears in his eyes.  I was hooked.  Since then I have run in 16 5K’s, 1 4-Miler, 2 5-Milers and 1 10K. And I have even started winning in my age group!   I have two more 5K’s in 2014.  And plan to run in my first ½ marathon in April 2015.

Through this journey, I have lost 120 pounds and I have found myself.   I am a completely different person.  I am happy.  I am fun.  I am confident.  I am healthy.

I still take medication for depression, but there have been no major depressive episodes.

And I have also found God.  I was raised a Christian, but had turned my back on God in recent years.  This summer I found the Run for God program on Facebook, offered to lead it at our church and while leading 12 other people to a lifestyle of running, I discovered that God was involved in this journey all along.  And he is using “Fat Beth” to lead others on a journey of health and wellness!

Surprisingly though, creating and accepting the new me has been an adventure and a challenge.  It has been harder than I imagined to accept my new identity and the changes that go with it.  It sounds stupid, but when your identity for 30+ years has been “fat”, it is hard to see yourself as thin.  And it is not only my size, but my entire being that has changed.

And my connection with Keelia!  It is all about the shoes.  When I was fat, I tried to dress nicely, but not in a way to attract attention. I was too self-conscious and inhibited to wear clothes or shoes that made a statement.   Last spring, I saw her baseball shoes on Pinterest and had to have a pair.  Since then, Keelia has made me almost 10 pairs of custom Khenri’s and she has become a great friend – even though we have never met!  My Khenri shoes help define the new me!  I am more fun and outgoing, like my Khenri shoes.

Interview Series: Jamey Bennett

A couple of years ago, I did an Interview Series where I interviewed lots of different artists from all over the country. I’m going to be reposting these each week because it’s great to get to know these artists (from musicians to painters). This one is brand-new though! And that’s how we’re going to kick off the new series!

Meet Jamey Bennett! He is a musician who has lived all over the US and is a super great an interesting guy! Read on to find out more!

KH: Tell us a little bit about your background. Bands, where you’ve lived, etc.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. People don’t interview me much these days, and it’s a delight to be interviewed by one of my favorite people.

I was born and bred in Bakersfield, California, a nice little town in southern California that is the butt of a lot of jokes. But I think it was a pretty great place to grow up, and I love going back to visit. Since then, I’ve lived in the Nashville area, Hawaii for a couple years, Philadelphia next, and now I’m in South Florida. Hawaii is my favorite spot, I miss it every day. I work from home, doing marketing and technical writing for a Florida-based engineering firm, and I do a bit of writing and editing of books and such on the side.

Since about age 12, I wanted to be a rapper. So I started rapping and recording. Most of it was crap at first, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. I started a rap group in high school called Royal Ruckus. We’ve had a number of members in the early years, but Mike Walker and I are the last men standing. We had a record deal for awhile, put out a lot of indie releases, performed all across the country from Maui to Wisconsin to Florida, and all points in between. We haven’t toured together in years, though Mike makes music here and there and has been in several other bands, and I’ve been known to occasionally rock the mic by myself every couple of years.

My faith is pretty important to me, too. I’m an Orthodox Christian, and currently attend St. Mark Greek Orthodox Church in Boca Raton. I blog here and there about my faith.

KH: How did we meet? 🙂

That’s a fun one. We (Royal Ruckus) were about to put out an album, and we were on a shoe-string budget. So I got this crazy idea to stalk our twitter followers and see if I could find someone who does graphic design. I figured I could get free or cheap design from someone who appreciated us already.

And I was right! I found your twitter page, and then stalked you all over the internet. I liked what I saw, especially the skullish stuff. You were far too kind, and let me make far too many tweaks for whatever I paid you. I did pay you, right?

KH: Where do you pull inspiration from?

I suppose it depends on what is you’re asking about. Musically, I get a lot of inspiration from 80s and 90s hip-hop, indie bands of the 2000s, and a whole lot of miscellaneous stuff. All of our albums have been pretty eclectic, most of that thanks to Mike. A lot of my aesthetic appreciation comes from traditional, historic Christianity (chanting and icongraphy and such), and as I said before, my faith informs and inspires me a good deal. I read a lot of the Early Church Fathers, and some of the Desert Fathers, crazy ascetics who lived out in the wilderness like 1700 years ago—they come from such a different place than we do today, it’s a refreshing spin on how we perceive reality.

Though anyone who listens to a Royal Ruckus record is surprised by how light the theological content usually is. We never were preaching rappers, or theology class rap teachers. I’d say our last record had a good deal more depth than past stuff, especially since we explored death and what that all means.

KH: What are your feelings about Justin Beiber? 

What’s a “Beiber”?

KH: When you go to the grocery store (or local market) what are your staple purchases?

Oh, man. This has changed a good bit in the last year since I adopted a Paleo approach to food. Definitely sausage and bacon, stuff to make salsa, mixed greens for salads, and Sriracha. I eat fish and shellfish pretty frequently, and a lot of grass-fed beef. Lately I’ve also been making bone broth for soups or just to sip on, so I try to track down grass-fed beef bones or cage-free chickens. My two non-Paleo indulgences are craft beer and corn tortillas for tacos. I LOVE ALL THE TACOS.

KH: Tell us your most memorable performance?

Goodness, that’s a tough one. A lot of them blur together. One of my favorites was performing in Nashville, and John Reuben and Pigeon John were in the front row, Flynn and a few LA Symphony guys were mixed in there, and someone told me that the guys from Relient K were in the crowd, rumor was they were fans of ours. Reuben supposedly turned and asked Pigeon, “Are these guys actually serious?” I was pretty proud of all that.

Another highlight was in February 2010, one of the few times I took up a mic without Mike. It was also in Nashville, I was back visiting from Hawaii. The event was for Whiskerino, a four month celebration of growing beards, and this was the big gathering of beards called The Throwdown. Honestly, it was one of my weaker performances, I think I forgot lyrics twice and got winded once or twice (I was out of shape!), but it was exhilarating, rapping a beard-growing anthem with 200 bearded dudes pumping their fists and singing along to a song I’d dropped less than two weeks earlier. It was a magical moment, and the last time I grabbed a mic in public.

KH: And you’re doing a dude food blog… what’s your best recipe/snack so far? 

Two Dudes Foods has been really fun. We’re trying to up our game on posts, some of my older stuff is a bit mediocre. I’m learning to discern: just because I made it and ate it, doesn’t mean I should blog about it! My Paleo Pho was pretty darn good. And I’m pretty happy with my Hawaiian Poke recipe as a good snack or appetizer.

KH: Any big plans coming up? How do you keep grounded?

Well, Mike and I have been brainstorming a new album. At the rate we’ve been going, expect it by 2020. I’ve been talking to a couple of beat makers about me putting out a solo project. Everything is so tentative though, it’s hard to say much more than that. I’d also like to put out a book of taco recipes.

I have three beagles, and I go to church a lot to pray. I also broke my wrist recently skateboarding. I like to serve the homeless, and that’s been a hot topic lately down here in South Florida. Those sorts of things keep me grounded.

KH: Tell us about the time you put up your hammock in the middle of the street! 

Oh, man, Eagles Nest Outfitters make the best hammocks. Totally portable and you can set them up anywhere you find a couple of trees. I was living in Philly, where natural outdoor space is rare. I found a tree and a pole and set up one afternoon for a good read. A Ukrainian neighbor was so amused, she took a bunch of pictures of me, then a few weeks later dropped off a burned CD of them at my house. I don’t know whatever happened to her pictures, but I still have one from my perspective.

KH: Can anyone become a member of the Bearded Family?

There is a strong camaraderie among bearded dudes, as well as their female supporters. I met a chiropractor once and he immediately wrapped his arms around me and exclaimed, “My bearded brother!” Dr. Mat Wolfson is a friend now, and adjusts me whenever I’m in Philly.  Anyone who can grow a beard has instant access to the family, those who cannot must work harder for acceptance.

Don’t cave and shave, man.

If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for the interview series, please email me and I would be happy to do some interrogating/promoting! I love meeting new people and I love to share those loves of other people with others! This is what makes our world a brighter place!

Oh, hi, it’s me

Hi, I’m Keelia. I own and operate Khenri. Some of you know who I am and have been along for the ride of my silly late-night facebook posts, so you may know a little about me.

I am a 30 year old, single mother of one (Henrietta) who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. By day I am a graphic designer. I design wedding invitations, brochures, business cards, little web icons. Sometimes I work on marketing plans and sales pitches. I also argue with my daughter before school on what she’s going to wear, make her lunch* and INSIST she eats it (and let her know I will know if she doesn’t), take her to school, give her pep talks when classmates aren’t so nice and tuck her to bed at night after reading her a book or having what she calls “a talk”. *Perks of having a 5yo include getting to drink Juicy Juice.

When all goodnights are said and lights are out, I paint. Shoes or canvases, it has expanded. But I guess I’m just always creating. I turn on my tv once a week to watch New Girl, on Tuesdays at 8pm central time. Sometimes after the painting is finished and I go into relax mode I turn on Burn Notice on Netflix and wrap myself in a quilt my great-aunt made for me. Sometimes I go to bed at 8:30pm, but normally it’s much later.

When Henri and I aren’t working or schooling, sometimes we visit friends who own chickens. We go to coffeeshops, bookstores, take hikes, go to local events, the art museum, the mall. Other times, I am helping volunteer at different charities or face painting with a good friend of mine at other local events.

Five years ago, I decided to use my graphic design skills to incorporate that into fashion items. Because fashion is art, I just decided to translate it into a new medium.

I offer my clients the shoes, the handmade jewelry I do and the canvases of art I paint, but I never have really offered (or explained) that I can create more than that for them…for YOU.

You need a birthday invitation for your son/daughter? Do you need one for yourself? Do you have a theme? (I love parties and I love themes!) I would love to help you achieve the look that you want for your invitations or your birth announcements or your stationery.

In conclusion, I have some neat things I can offer to you that you can use for Christmas gifts.

Send me a photo of your son/daughter/family, let me know what type of design you want and I will create it! An 8×10 print only will cost $20 and you can have it framed yourself (most will fit in 8×10 frame or you can get an 11×14 one if you want it matted).

And then there’s these, other ideas if you have sisters or a parent or grandparent that you don’t know what to get them.

If you have another idea (or don’t live in Iowa and want your little sweetheart’s face in the state you live in), great! Just let me know and I will make it happen. The price for the print includes the design as well. So pretty much it’s a sweet deal. If you need more than one print, let me know also and we can work out a deal!

You can email me at or or message me via my khenri facebook– I will be happy to chat with you!

Why I started Khenri

I started painting shoes about five years ago. I had a pair of white heels that I had only worn once for a function and noticed they were collecting a LOT of dust. So I painted them. I painted Marilyn Monroe faces – Andy Warhol style – on them and snapped a photo and sent to a couple friends. The messages I got back were “wow! where did you get those!?”

And so after some debating and some encouragement from friends, I started doing shoes for other people.

Through this I realized that what I liked wasn’t always sold in the department stores and that I was almost forced to like what someone else created because that was all that was available.

I love doing Khenri because I want to show that what YOU love can be found. That you don’t have to conform to someone else’s standards of fashion. And that what YOU like is cool, no matter if the media says it’s in style or not.

This attitude has also stemmed from growing up being made fun of for not having the coolest clothes, not wearing makeup, my ears sticking out, my big lips, wearing glasses. I know that we can’t stop all of the making fun ofs (as I still deal with it now in low doses) and that sometimes believing in yourself can be difficult. But if you have some items that showcase your personality and individuality, that overtime you will accept that what you like is perfectly acceptable and that you can be proud of what you like.

I know that stepping out in something you’re not sure if you’ll get mocked at for wearing can be scary.. sometimes I do it 7 days a week. But when you finally let go of that insecure feeling, stepping out in something that YOU designed and that YOU love, will make you walk with confidence.

I want to help grow your confidence. I want to push your potential for self-love. I love to paint, but the real reason I paint shoes is now to empower you.

If you’re interested in having something custom-designed by me, I would love to chat with you. You can shoot me an email or message me on facebook. I will respond as quickly as I can!

Here’s another pair of Marilyn heels that now live in the warm state of Texas.

I hope you have a wonderfully perfect day today!


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