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Bridal shoes are one of my favorite styles to design.
There are 1 of 2 ways we can design: something to match your personality or something to match your wedding dress and theme of your day.
Either way, it is a special pair of shoes that you will remember you had designed for a special occasion. Some of my clients have their wedding shoes on display now.

I try to make the process as simple as I can for you. We just discuss a few details and I can provide you with a sketch or just start creating. Either way, I want you to be involved but I also want you to be totally impressed. Like all my work, I strive to make each piece unique and special.

Bridal shoes start at $125. Additional crystals and trimmings can add to the final price.
If you are interested in flat painting or flats, the pricing starts at $65.

View the gallery for some past bridal shoes by Khenri.